Terms and Conditions applicable for deliveries carried out by Box-2-Box Pty Ltd:

1) Delivery of leaflets to Box-2-Box
For leaflets to be delivered in the nominated distribution period:
A. For Standard bookings, a signed Booking Confirmation Form must be returned to us by Wednesday 5pm preceding the distribution date. For Premium bookings, a signed Booking Confirmation Form must be returned to us 2 weeks prior to distribution date, so your distribution can be booked in. For Advance Discount Booking, a signed Booking Confirmation Form must be returned to us with payment for offer to apply.
B. For Standard and Premium bookings, leaflets must be delivered to our warehouse by 1pm Thursday preceding the distribution date. For Advance Discount bookings, leaflets must be delivered to our warehouse by 1pm Thursday, 7 days prior to the planned distribution date.

2) Payment
We request payment (EFT or Credit Card) prior to delivery unless by prior arrangement.
NOTE: Payment by Cheque is not accepted.
EFT Details Bank: Bank of Queensland
Account Name: Box-2-Box BSB: 124 001 Account No: 209 494 82

3) Delivery time frame
Once the leaflets are delivered to our walkers, they will be distributed delivery period Sunday to Sunday and are not done when raining. Rain may prolong the delivery by the amount of time that it rains for.
Box-2-BoxPty Ltd. reserves the right to deliver over a 14 day period if there is no deadline or timely date noted on the booking form or there is a high volume of leaflets going out that week.
Dated Leaflets: Plan for your distribution to commence 2 weeks before your event.

4) Applicable surcharges
If the item for delivery is either heavier than 10 grams or has a tight deadline, we need to be informed of this at the time of booking as surcharges are applicable. A surcharge may also apply if leaflets due for delivery in the following week are delivered to our warehouse after 1pm Thursday (for Advance Discount Booking, it is 7 days preceding the distribution date), otherwise they are not guaranteed to be delivered in the following week.

5) Distribution Standards Board
We are a member of the Distribution Standards Board and adhere to their Code of Conduct, which includes not delivering to “No Junk Mail” or “No Advertising Material Accepted” letterboxes.

6) Cancellation policy
Before job commencement i.e. Before Friday noon of week job commences, a refund of 90% of the total cost for that week’s distribution will be reimbursed to the client. After this time the job is deemed to have commenced distribution and no refund will be given.

7) Walkers and Area Managers
All walkers pay an up-front bond and sign a contract after each delivery they do. Our Area Managers do follow-up checks on walkers after each delivery to ensure that the delivery has been completed properly.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not outsource any work to other distribution companies.

8) Delivery satisfaction
If you have any queries about the delivery we have undertaken for you, please identify the area of issue so we can do a comprehensive check up on the walker who delivers to that area. It is imperative that this be done within 7 days of completion of the distribution for each area in order for any follow up to be relevant. Box-2-Box aims to have the matter resolved within 48 hours, weather and some circumstances permitting. Any issues received after the 7 days will not be investigated due to the inaccuracy of the results that will be obtained

9) Boxed leaflets
Boxes of leaflets arriving or being picked up must be no larger than standard A4 size (32Hx29Lx23W) and not heavier than 15kg per box (keeping within Occupational, Health & Safety guidelines). If boxes are heavier than or larger than, it is our requirement that they be re-packed into suitably sized boxes.
PLEASE NOTE: A4 size leaflets need to be folded to DL or A5 for distribution, otherwise surcharge may apply.

10) Guarantee
Box-2-Box DOES NOT in any way guarantee, that your company will be delivered individually of another company of the same type or generate business or receive a positive response from the letterbox distribution.

11) Leftover leaflets
As our house count for each suburb includes ‘No Junk Mail’ letterboxes, there will be leftover leaflets. Some of these will be given as surplus to each walker to allow for counting discrepancies and house count changes. We will store the remaining leaflets at our facility for a maximum of 3 months. After this time, if they have not been collected or we haven’t received clear instruction from you as to what to do with them, they will be placed in our recycle bin for collection. This is excluding all regular clients who deliver more than once in any 3-month period.

12) Pickup arrangements
This service is arranged via a courier and each box must weigh no more that 15kg and box size to be as specified in item 9. Please specify number of boxes for pickup at time of booking and full address details and contact number. All pickups must be booked in by noon Thursday of the week distribution job is scheduled for commencement.

13) Further conditions
Further conditions may apply to Standard, Premium and Advance Discount distributions. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions on the appropriate Booking Confirmation Form.