Distribution Procedure

  1. Complete Booking Confirmation Form and return to Box-2-Box. Deadline for receiving form is as follows:
    1. Standard delivery – required by Wednesday prior to distribution commencement date
    2. Premium delivery – required two weeks prior to distribution commencement date
    3. BCF Advance Discount Booking – required 14 to 28 days prior to distribution commencement date, depending on what discount is required.
  2. Box-2-Box will invoice you.
  3. Make payment for delivery and deliver leaflets to our warehouse as follows:
    1. Standard and Premium deliveries – required by 1pm Thursday prior to distribution commencement date
    2. Advance Discount booking – payment required at the time of booking and delivery of leaflets to our warehouse is seven days prior to delivery commencement date
  4. Leaflets are dispatched to our Area Managers on a Friday evening.
  5. Walkers commence delivery on a Sunday and have 7 days to complete the distribution.
  6. Our Customer Service Manager will contact you once all your leaflets have been delivered.